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Come to one of the Potato Day 2016 sessions!

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please share widely with gardening friends and groups.

Rowan at Black Isle Gathering

BIG was a successful event and at the end of the video you can see our board chair April handing out advice on composting and recycling.


Let's Talk Rubbish


RoWAN are hosting a talk entitled “Archaeology is Rubbish” by local archaeologist Susan Kruse. Susan will be giving us food for thought with a talk entitled "Archaeology is Rubbish". She will explore the way people have treated rubbish through the ages, from the earliest Mesolithic times through to today. From this perspective she will suggest that there may be valuable lessons from the past, as well as sobering reflections on what archaeologists of the future may think about us today. Read more


Where & When

Tue, 01/06/2010 - 7:30pm
Dingwall Community Centre

Easter Egg Alternative Ideas

Packaged Easter EggsEaster is another time of the year when a huge amount of waste packaging is produced.

Have you ever purchased an Easter egg, only to be disappointed by the amount of chocolate you actually get, once you have unwrapped it from all the packaging? Plastic, foil and cardboard often stand in the way of you and your hollow egg. ..or egg filled with a few individually packaged treats inside. The weight of all that packaging adds up quickly and often it outweighs the amount of chocolate you are getting. You end up paying for packaging rather than chocolate! Read more

Have a Merry Waste Free Christmas!

Christmas Food Waste Cartoon

santa slims his binHow much of your festive food ends up in the bin? 

Plan ahead and make a difference!  Check out our suggestions on how to make your Christmas a little greener for the planet and your pocket! Read more

Black Isle Greening Homes and Gardens Open Day

Come and see homes and gardens on the Black Isle that showcase ideas on how to live in a 'green' way. Want composting advice from RoWAN's Master Composter? Find out how to get the best from your veggie patch and about energy efficiency measures, solar panels, heat pumps and small scale wind turbines.

This free event set up by Transition Black Isle gives you a chance to talk to owners of these homes and gardens, see technologies actually working and get advice from experts. Pick up directions and a map from Munlochy Hall. If you would like to carshare, visit Liftshare to register your details.


Where & When

Sat, 05/09/2009 - 10:30am - 3:00pm