New Waste (Scotland) Regulations will require all businesses to separate paper and card, plastic, metal and glass for recycling by January 2014. Businesses that produce more than 50kg of food waste per week will also need to separate this for collection by January 2014, and businesses producing between 5kg and 50kg of food waste per week will be asked to follow suit from 2016.

To support the changes required by the regulations, Zero Waste Scotland will be investing £8 million in councils and commercial waste management firms this year, including £5 million to support the roll-out of new food waste collections and £750,000 to help increase the availability of collection services to SMEs.

You can also continue to benefit from the free training and support provided by Zero Waste Scotland’s Business Resource Efficiency team – support that is designed to help your business change the way it manages waste in ways that will boost your bottom line.


Business News and Events

Pledge to Slim Your Bin

Over 600 people have pledged to Slim Your Bin LogoSlim their Bin. You too, can be part of the waste solution. You can download a copy of the survey and pledge and return it to us (freepost) or phone and we’ll get back to you or PLEDGE ONLINE.

Click here for tips on how to Slim your Bin.

Want more help? Try using our Slim Your Bin Diary for a week to see what you’re throwing out and what you might be able to stop putting in your bin. Read more

Swopping Waste Makes Business Sense

Press release 11/2/09

waste paint donation. Photo by iain RhindBusinesses in Dingwall have a chance to join a free local waste exchange scheme.

MacDonald’s Hardware in Dingwall has been regularly supplying left over cardboard boxes to Tain Pottery over the years. Robert Hudson of Tain pottery said, ‘I’ve been reusing cardboard boxes for over 12 years and this has saved me both money and storage space and means the boxes are well used before being recycled.’ Read more

LUSH improves their 3 R's with RoWAN

Thanks to oLUSH storefrontne of our hardworking volunteers, Marianne, LUSH got in touch with Kate to find out ways they could cut down on the amount of waste they were sending to landfill. Read more

RoWAN's Scarecrow Festival 26th June to 16th July 2010

Golfer ScarecrowCalling all Scarecrows!  RoWAN is holding a Scarecrow Festival.  Scarecrows will beBikini Babe Scarecrow popping up all over the Inverness area as part of a new festival.  The RoWAN Scarecrow Festival is a fun way to get people thinking about food and packaging waste.  Scarecrow makers and voters will pledge to cut down on the food waste they create at home, work or school.  It is open to businesses, households, schools and community groups.  Entry is FREE and the Entry Deadline is now the 15th June.

 There are 3 categories: Read more


Where & When

Sat, 26/06/2010 - 9:15am - Fri, 16/07/2010 - 9:15am
On-line at and all over Inverness

Let's Talk Rubbish


RoWAN are hosting a talk entitled “Archaeology is Rubbish” by local archaeologist Susan Kruse. Susan will be giving us food for thought with a talk entitled "Archaeology is Rubbish". She will explore the way people have treated rubbish through the ages, from the earliest Mesolithic times through to today. From this perspective she will suggest that there may be valuable lessons from the past, as well as sobering reflections on what archaeologists of the future may think about us today. Read more


Where & When

Tue, 01/06/2010 - 7:30pm
Dingwall Community Centre

Help for Businesses

Resource Efficient Scotland is a new Scottish Government-funded programme to help businesses and the public and third sectors save money by using resources more efficiently.

 It will provide advice and support on energy, water, waste and raw materials.

 It will replace existing Scottish Government support for businesses and the public sector provided by Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust and ZWS. Read more

New Highland Council rules for using Recycling Centres

The council have decided to make sure that its only householders using the recycling centres  from now on. If you arrive in a white van you will need adeclaration form. Check out the details here

Recycling centre sign post