Reducing Your Waste

Find out ways to reduce your waste by clicking on the actions below:

  • Cut down on plastic bags and packaging - use reusable bags and choose items with less packaging.

  • Cut down on using plastic bottles - use refillable bottles and non disposable cups. Even refilling a plastic bottle for a week nstead of buying a new one each day cuts down on resource use and waste.

  • Have children in nappies? You can use Real Nappies - washable nappies.

  • Buy less. Do you really need that new    .....? Could you reuse, repair, borrow, swop or hire instead of buy? Use the libraries to borrow instead of buying books. Buy from charity shops and give clothes and other goods to charity shops or other local groups. Have you tried Freecycle to pass on unwanted items instead of throwing them out or find things you may need?

Use our Pledge to Cut Waste form online.

Download our Pledge to Cut Waste leaflet.

Find out: Where, What and How to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Buy recycled products 

Close the Loop and Buy Recycled, Fairtrade and Eco-friendly!

A growing Quality standard in Scotland is provided by Revolve, look out for charity shops using it like Everything Baby.

Many supermarkets  stock standard items like recycled bin liners, kitchen roll and tissues but there are lots more fun and interesting recycled products out there if you know where to look. We've had lots of requests for more info on this, so here is list of businesses that sell recycled products  or see the Sort-it list.  RoWAN does not endorse any particular product  or company - it is up to the purchaser to judge but do let us know if you think any company is unsuitable for the list.

Binweigh and check your binweight

If you are an householder on the monitored RCV (Refuse Collection Vehicle) route you can check your past  weekly bin weight. All you have to do is enter your binweigh number. The bin lorry is no longer recording binweights.



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