not just Master Composters anymore...

The Master Composter Programme, which RoWAN has successfully delivered since Oct 2008, is expanding to cover new campaigns from October 2010.  The new programme, known as Zero Waste Volunteers, will continue to provide home composting advice, but will also include themes such as Love Food Hate Waste, Peat-free Compost and Stop the Drop (unwanted mail).  Current volunteers are learning about the new topics with great enthusiasm - and of course we would like more folk to join our team of 20 across Ross and Cromarty and Inverness.  If you have benefitted from support and advice from RoWAN in the last wee while and would like to help spread the waste reduction message, please do get in touch with

Pledging to Slim Your Bin: Does it work?

Recently we in the RoWAN office have not been out-and-about as much - but  we're still around and working hard. We've been doing a bit of research for our funders, INCREASEIII, about pledging and whether it works as a way of helping people to reduce their waste.
Through our Pledge to Slim Your Bin initiative over 600 people promised to take particular actions to reduce their household waste - anything from reducing food waste to buying a refillable drinks bottle to recycling more glass.

The good news is that PLEDGING WORKS! Of the people we were able to contact, over 60% say that pledging helped them reduce their waste. We're now contacting these pledgers a second time to find out if pledging does change behaviour, and whether these changes last as time goes on. Read more

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