Worms A Firm Favourite At Science Festival

Worms and mould were the star attractions for the crowds of people visiting RoWAN’s activities at the Inverness Monster Science Festival last week. The overall theme for the Festival was food, giving a perfect opportunity for RoWAN to promote food waste reduction and composting. We looked at what makes food go bad and how we can prevent that through careful planning and storage. Read more

LifeScan Scotland Staff Asked To Wash And Squash Plastic Bottles This Recycle Week

Staff at LifeScan Scotland Ltd were surprised this week to find their canteen festooned with plastic bottles. Staff and volunteers from RoWAN had hung up 64 plastic bottles, which is the number that the average household in Scotland uses in a week. The initiative was part of Recycle Week, a national event promoted by Zero Waste Scotland each year.

This year the focus of Recycle Week is on encouraging more people to recycle more plastic bottles. A staggering five million plastic bottles are used each day in Scotland, and only 35% of those used in Highland are currently recycled.

RoWAN staff and volunteers talked with LifeScan Scotland employees to encourage them to think about all the different types of plastic bottles which they can recycle. Many people have quickly got the hang of recycling plastic milk bottles using the blue recycling bins. The majority of other plastic bottles can also go in the blue bin, providing that they have the triangular recycling symbol with a number 1 or 2. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and contain products such as water, fizzy drinks, cordial, ketchup, cooking oil, shampoo, cleaning and garden products. Highland Council is not currently collecting plastic tubs, trays or pots for recycling.

Staff from Highland Waste Services, were also on hand to talk to staff about what then happens to the waste. Plastic bottles are squashed (which is why the lids should be removed before recycling), baled and then sent for reprocessing. They’re first separated by colour, cleaned, melted down and then turned into plastic pellets. These are used to make fences, bags, flooring, window frames, fleeces, fibre fillings…or even more bottles! All this means fewer carbon dioxide emissions, which helps in the efforts to combat climate change. Read more

Rosebank Primary Gets Composting

RoWAN recently visited Rosebank Primary in Nairn to introduce the nursery, P1 and P2 children (163 altogether) to composting. Zero Waste Volunteers Janet and Lois, and Volunteer Co-ordinator Caroline, ran classroom sessions talking about what can and cannot be composted and the benefits of composting. The worms were a big hit with the children. Read more

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Volunteering in Action

One of our volunteers giving waste awareness advice at the recent Nairn Volunteering fair.

Love Food Hate Waste Revamped Website

Cash conscious householders in the Highlands looking to save some money in the current climate will be pleased to hear about a new-look website which is geared to help save them up to £430 per year by reducing the amount of food they throw away.

Scottish households throw away around 566,000 tonnes of food each year, two-thirds of which was perfectly good food that could have been eaten. Love Food Hate Waste (www.lovefoodhatewaste.com) is a UK programme delivered in Scotland by Zero Waste Scotland which is dedicated to helping people save money by wasting less of this food.

Simple steps, such as better planning of meals, correct storing of food, and preparing and cooking the right portion sizes, could save the average household as much as £35 per month.

www.lovefoodhatewaste.com is the new-look version of www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk, which helps Scottish households save money and waste less food by providing tips and tools such as recipes to use up leftovers, and advice on how to portion and store your food for the best results.



R U up 4 It? – a teenage led food waste reduction project.


RoWAN is one of 43 groups across Scotland to have been awarded funding for the next three years by the Scottish Government under the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) for their `R U up 4 it?` food waste reduction project.

The `R U up 4 it?` project is part of the first successful intake of applications for the Junior Climate Challenge Fund, which aims to allocate funds to projects that are run by young people.

  Read more

Green Cleaning Day

West Coast Reducers are holding a demonstration on green cleaning with questions and answers on 17th March 2012 Torridon Community Hall from 12 noon. Demos 12.30 and 2.30pm. RoWAN Zero Waste volunteers will be on hand to advise about how to cut waste. Refreshments available. Free entry - all welcome.


Where & When

Sat, 17/03/2012 - 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Volunteer to Help People Cut Waste

compost stallAre you keen on composting, recycling, waste-free cooking, growing your own fruit and vegetables or cutting waste in general? Then become a Zero Waste Volunteer and help other people cut the amount they throw out. RoWAN have just  received further funding from Zero Waste Scotland to recruit and work with volunteers in the Highlands to help spread the word on how people can cut waste by: cutting food waste, composting and using peat-free compost, reducing unwanted mail and recycling more. Find out more about volunteering.

Love Your Leftovers This Pancake Day

Pancakes are traditionally made on Shrove Tuesday to use up any remaining butter, milk and eggs the day before Lent begins. It’s also a great opportunity to use up any leftovers from your fridge or kitchen cupboards.

Love Food Hate Waste has the perfect recipe for creating something delicious from leftover yoghurt and overripe bananas which might otherwise go to waste. If you have any spare sultanas, flaked almonds or soft berries at home these all make tasty additions to the batter too.

Research shows that around 31,000 tonnes of milk is thrown away every year in Scotland, and fresh fruit and veg are one of the most wasted food types. Each year in Scotland we buy and then waste around £1bn on food and drink which could have been eaten. That's an average of £35 per month per household. So instead of sending your leftovers to the bin, why not follow our simple recipe for a Shrove Tuesday treat.

Jon Molyneux from Love Food Hate Waste commented: “Using up leftovers is really easy, especially on Pancake Day. Save money and a trip to the shops by using up what you already have at home. Pancakes are so versatile and as long as you have the basic ingredients of milk, eggs and flour you can use anything you like as an accompaniment. Plus, it’s a great chance to get creative with your leftovers.”


1 egg lightly beaten

125ml milk

125ml yoghurt

2 overripe bananas mashed with a fork

150g plain flour

A pinch of salt

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 tablespoon brown sugar



Mix together the egg, milk, yogurt and bananas.

Sieve the flour, salt and baking powder into a large bowl then stir in the ‘wet’ ingredients and the sugar. The batter will look a little lumpy. Read more


Where & When

Tue, 21/02/2012 (All day) - Wed, 22/02/2012 (All day)
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