RoWAN is managed by volunteer Directors: we are happy to embrace new Board members.

April Stevenson - RoWAN Chairperson. She has done a variety of voluntary work for 10 years and she is also a Zero Waste Volunteer.

Chris Pamphilon - RoWAN Secretary. Practice Nurse for 30 years and Shiastsu therapist for 16 years.

Eleanor Scott - RoWAN treasurer. Worked as a doctor in community child health until 2003, then elected as Green MSP for Highlands and Islands 2003 - 2007. Activist for Scottish Green Party, member of friends of the Earth Scotland and WWF. 

Trish McKeggie  is a Board member and a Zero Waste Volunteer. She works as a self employed gardener.

Debbie Boyd has also recently joined as a Board member.

Growing Award and Tunnel Vision

Project officer: Toni Clark

Toni joined RoWAN in April 2012 to work part-time on this project. She has lots of experience of working with schools on environmental issues and particularly of working on the Eco-schools initiative. She is also a passionate grower of vegetables and has a large polytunnel which she runs for the community.

Love Food Hate Waste Specialist

Anna Scott

Anna has over 10 years experience working on waste management and resource efficiency opportunities for a consultancy, charity and the Regulator as well as various voluntary roles.
Anna is also a mum of two and an enthusiastic cook.  She has a love for food (and not wasting it) and has joined the team to help run the LFHW workshops and the Zero Waste cafe in Inverness.


We hope to set up a pop up cafe and friendship based community cooking clubs. We will use these regular events to train volunteers to take workshops or cafes into their own areas.  

Love Your Clothes Specialist

Laura Ross

Laura is a creative textiles and fashion graduate with a love of vintage style. She has previously volunteered with RoWAN to help organise our upcycling events and her career to date has included several innovative Highland charities and social enterprises.


Book Keeping / Office Admin/ Funding Applications

Sarah Hartley

Sarah has a number of years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector in administrative and management roles. She also works as a complementary therapist and is a keen gardener.