Zero Waste Volunteer Programme

 In August 2010, Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) extended the scope of the Master composter programme and it became the Zero Waste Volunteer Programme, now covering not only home composting and other waste prevention campaigns, including “Love Food Hate Waste” and “Stop the Drop” and encouraging 'Peat-free' gardening. This Programme aims to encourage householders to take responsibility for the waste that they produce and to give them the support that they need through a network of locally based volunteers. There are a number of voluntary organisations across Scotland delivering the Programme and networking events are held by ZWS for the co-ordinators (known as the Zero Waste Partnership).

ROWAN has recently secured further funding from Zero Waste Scotland to work with volunteers more extensively around the Highlands to encourage people to cut food waste, compost, use peat free compost and stop unwanted mail. We are very keen to recruit more volunteers who can deliver these messages.

In 2015 ZWS added Repair and Share to the activities we do.


Its been easy to find people who mend clothes and work on textiles and we want to take them into community markets around the area. But we want to explore the need for other types of repair like electronic items. If you have repair skills we would love to be in touch with you and if you have a business we are creating a directory.


Websites offer neighbours the chance to list items like carpet cleaners or drills that they dont use all the time and are willing to share. If we can find ways of reducing the need for many new products we will certainly reduce the pressures of climate change and resource depletion.


Growing award

The Growing Award provides a simple plan for food growing projects, used mainly in schools it can be undertaken with or without Rowan oversight and certification. Please contact Toni for more info.

Tunnel Vision

This project has provided polytunnels to schools and supported their initial growing attempts. The Highland climate makes tunnel growing a necessity.

Past Projects

You can view all of our previous projects on our past projects page.


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